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If you wish to post something here, feel free to do so.
If you wish to post something here, feel free to do so.
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The Evevesdawn Linkshell Website!!
Welcome to the Evesdawn linkshell Website!!



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This is the Linkshell events section of our site. This is where all of our events and things we are doing will be placed. If you have any questions about the events, just ask the member who started the event.

 ....:::.... Exhaultedangel will be having a Static party for our linkshell. This is sure to be a fun event, and already everyone is preparing for this event. The rules for this event as are follows:

You need to have a character that is level 30.

So far we have the following people in the Static:

Exualtedangel:Level / Level
Shenari: Level 30 RDM/ Level 15 WHM

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